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May the Force be with you: Our viewers' best Star Wars shots

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 5:08 PM - The latest installment in the multi-decade saga of Star Wars, the Last Jedi, opens in Canada this week, and it's safe to say it's probably the most anticipated film of the year.

The Weather Network's online and TV audience is wide and varied, so it's no surprise that our photo galleries are just crammed with the kind of shots you might expect to see in a galaxy far, far away. Have a browse of them below, and don't forget you can visit our galleries and upload your own shots if you're a shutterbug yourself.

(And as for our viewers who sent in these shots...the Force will be with you, always).

'Snow Jabba' (Misha, Edmonton, Alta.)

'Chewbacca' (Débora Melchiades, Canatara Park, Ont.)

'Chewbacca wasp nest' (Norman Scott, Lisle, Ont.)

'Mushroom storm trooper' (Ron Bortolon, Thunder Bay, Ont.)

'Yoda cloud' (Richard Trus, Toronto, Ont.)

'A Star Wars Christmas' (Ryan Dyck, Chilliwack, B.C.)

'Storm troopers on Hoth' (Patricia Keller Johnson, Oromocto, N.B.)

'Darth Vader BBQ' (Andy Morris, Cambridge, Ont.)

'Even Vader has to shovel' (Bruce Riley, Brantford, Ont.)

'Jedi Master Yoda awakens' (Anita Barber, Toronto, Ont.)

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