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'SUP'? It's never too late to ask!

Stand up paddle surf the Great Lakes

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    Kasia Bodurka

    Saturday, August 17, 2013, 7:29 PM -

    It's relaxing, yet it's a work out, and you might get wet. 

    Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), is an emerging global sport. 

    Originating in Hawaii, the sport is the most recent form of surfing, which allows for surfers to paddle longer distances. 

    The sport has, in the last ten years, spread from major surf beaches to nearly every other type of watercourse. 

    Although most of us are hearing about this sport for the first time, stand up paddle surfing has a long running history. It began in the 1950's when Waikiki Beach surf instructors would use their longboards and paddles to travel around the line-up. The upright positioning also made it easier for the instructors to keep an eye on their students and take photos of the action. 

    Here in Canada, paddle surf locations are endless. Visit paddlesurf.ca for locations near you!

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