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The worst storm Europe has seen in years

St Jude storm takes thirteen lives in Europe

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    Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 6:54 AM -

    Thirteen people have lost their lives after the powerful storm battered much of Europe. Six deaths were reported in Germany while another four came from the U.K. 

    The system was forecast as one of the worst Europe had seen in years. 

    Gusts of more than 190 km/h were reported in some parts of Europe. 

    At least 130 flights had to be cancelled at Heathrow airport, with rail services also cancelled or severely delayed. 

    The environment agency issued 12 flood warnings for the country, as well as 132 flood alerts. 

    About 600,000 homes were left without power in the U.K. Initially 30,000 people were affected but as the system moved north and eastwards, that number grew exponentially. 

    Officials said the deaths caused by the storm were hugely regrettable and were working to make sure emergency services were acting as fast as they could to help people.

    In the Netherlands, a "red" alert was issued for many parts in the south as strong winds and heavy rain were expected. 

    The red alert has only been issued one other time in the last two years. 

    Sweden warned their residents that St. Jude Storm could be a "great danger to the public" and recommended their residents to stay inside. 

    Nearly 50,000 homes were left in the dark in France after the storm knocked out power lines in the region.

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