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More snow this weekend for southern Ontario

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Friday, February 9, 2018, 12:04 PM - The active storm track continues for southern Ontario with two more blasts of snow this weekend. Some parts of the province will have picked up more than 30 cm before the new week starts.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of how it all plays out.

Weather Highlights

  • Two more rounds of snow expected this weekend, starting Saturday morning.
  • After a brief break Saturday, the second system moves in, tapering by Sunday.
  • Preliminary forecast suggests another 5-10 cm for most of the region. 

Weekend snow and more difficult travel

While the exact timing is still uncertain, a few more periods of snow will impact the region on both Saturday and Sunday. 

"It is too early to have confidence in snow totals, but our preliminary forecast is for another 5 to 10+ cm for most of the region (highest totals across the south)," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "We are monitoring the potential for the system on Sunday to be the more significant round of snowfall for the region."

Although temperatures will somewhat recover to milder values this weekend (near seasonal), Gillham says it will still be cold enough for all of the precipitation to fall as snow.

A pause in the cold, active pattern, BUT it's just temporary

Next week will bring a temporary pause on the frigid conditions as well as the active storm track across southern Ontario, but this pattern does NOT signal winter's end.

"Milder air from the southeast U.S. will surge north into our region during mid week with temperatures rising above freezing for a day or two for southern Ontario," Gillham says. "While a few showers are possible, at this point it looks like we will avoid any significant rain events, so the ground will remain covered in snow through this period of milder weather."

Colder air is expected to quickly return later next week and weekend, with even more frigid weather on the horizon.

"We can already see a couple of trends in the global pattern that signal a return to a colder pattern before the end of February and likely continuing deep into March," Gillham says. 

For a more comprehensive look at weather conditions in the GTA, here's a detailed analysis.

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