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After unsettled pattern, rosy weekend for southern Ontario

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Saturday, March 10, 2018, 7:18 PM - After being held in an unsettled pattern for much of the week, any weather impact to travel looks to diminish for southern Ontario by Saturday. Great timing for those with early March Break plans, although an important warning below if those plans include Florida. 

"Sun and cloud for most of southern Ontario this weekend and mostly cloud with some flurries for southern Quebec and the Ottawa Valley," Weather Network meteorologist Kevin MacKay says.

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Those flurries were due in part to the parade of nor'easters that have afflicted Atlantic Canada.

"We've had a Fujiwhara type effect happening with two storm cores dancing around each other over Eastern Canada," says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern. "That's interesting for southern Ontario because the storm off the East Coast finds itself retrograding back into the area."

VIDEO: How the Fujiwhara type effect impacts the forecast

All this is good news for people starting their March Break this weekend, as a trough that looked set to bring flurries to the Greater Toronto Area Monday night, tied to a developing trough off the Carolina coast, looks like it may hold off.

For those planning to head south to Florida however, keep an eye out for high surf due to the nor'easters spinning off shore. Weather Network meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal explains below.

WATCH BELOW: Life-threatening rip currents in Florida

Sticking closer to home? This past week's unsettled conditions have actually been a bonus for some ski resorts who have received an additional snow top up.

The wild March roller coaster ride continues

As temperatures are set to remain seasonal through the second full week of March, signs point to a significant warm-up around the mid-month mark. 

"However, this warm-up may be rather short-lived as there are indications that late March will bring a return to seasonal or possibly below seasonal temperatures," says Carter.  "This March looks to fit that temperamental reputation with typical back and forth swings in temperature that should come close to offsetting each other."

The final numbers for March temperatures as a whole will likely be near to just above normal, Carter adds. 

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WATCH BELOW: It's snowing SIDEWAYS in the Maritimes. Wow!

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