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Beyond the thaw: Major winter storm to end the week

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 6:17 PM - You'll be able to shed a few more layers into Thursday as a brief January thaw brings daytime highs into the mid to upper single digits in southern Ontario. There's even the potential for some areas to reach double digit highs throughout the day, giving a much appreciated break from the recent dangerously cold air. 

Don't be fooled: The surge of mild and moist air from the southern U.S. will deceptively be setting the stage for the next big winter storm

Arctic air spreads back south across the region on Friday with light rain changing to ice and snow as temperatures fall. 

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"A disruptive winter storm will threaten southern Ontario Friday night into Saturday," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "The exact track and placement of the Arctic boundary will be the key to who sees the highest impact, but this storm will bring a swath of very heavy snowfall and a band of substantial ice (pellets and freezing rain)."

While it's still too early to know where the highest impacts will be, between 20-40 cm of snow could slam the hardest hit places with the threat for power outages where freezing rain occurs.

"This will have a major impact on transportation across the region and adjacent areas south of the border," warns Gillham. 

A blast of arctic air will persist through early next week, with the potential for a more extended January thaw later in the week as milder Pacific air spreads east. 

"However, I'm starting to question the duration of the thaw with some signs that the return to winter will be quicker than expected," warns Gillham. 

Stay tuned for updates to this forecast as they become available.

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