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PHOTOS: Large hail, dark clouds move through Ontario

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Friday, July 27, 2018, 7:00 AM - Dark skies, large hail and rain moved into southern Ontario Thursday evening following a muggy and unsettled week, with showers and the occasional thunderstorm here and there.

Severe thunderstorm watches covered much of the south of the province Thursday morning and early afternoon, ahead of the rain event, and some storms in the southwest became tornado-warned by the evening, particularly one moving toward the Mt. Elgin area. As of Friday morning, no tornadoes have been confirmed, and no watches or warnings are in effect.

Here's a look at Thursday's impressive storms in photos, sent in using #ShareYourWeather or uploaded to our Photo Gallery.

Craig Dunmore, Leamington, Ont. Photo: Turbulent shelf cloud over Lake Erie.

Kevin D, Norfolk County, Ont. Photo: Distinct wall cloud (lowered cloud formed within the thunderstorm's updraft) on the right side of the image.

Melanie Van Brugge, Delhi, Ont. Photo: Wall cloud (lowered cloud formed within the thunderstorm's updraft) in the middle of the image.

Holly Sample, Leamington, Ont. Photo: Approaching shelf cloud over Lake Erie.

David Hallman, Toronto, Ont. Photo: Underneath view of a shelf cloud.

Aidan Ware, Rondeau Park, Ont. Photo: Shelf cloud and rain shaft.

Cagney Pinet, North Cobalt, Ont. Photo: Nickel-sized hail.

Taken in the Don Mills area, Ont. Photo: Quarter-sized hail.

Kimberly Muttart, Minden, Ont. Photo: Golf ball-sized hail. (Wow!)

Storm images piled in on Twitter using #ONstorm and #ONwx:


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