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As for the rest, see how long the balmy temperatures last.

Some Canadians digging out on Easter

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, April 20, 2014, 4:40 PM -

If you live in a part of Canada where the temperatures have been toasty this long weekend, we hope you've been soaking it up - on behalf of folks who've had to deal with an unwelcome winter-like mid-April blast.

Northern Ontario, the Prairies and Newfoundland all saw some kind of snow event this weekend, with the former getting a few centimetres overnight into Sunday morning.

Although those amounts barely register against past late-season storms that have rolled through the region just this week, they came at a time when much of the south of the province was basking in temperatures in the low teens to mid teens.

Temperatures in southern Ontario are expected to continue to climb Sunday, possibly reaching 20C on Monday, although an advancing cold front from the north will bring rain showers through southern Ontario and the Nickel Belt, with isolated showers reaching the Greater Toronto Area by the evening.

The Prairie provinces, meanwhile, had their own share of wintry weather, due to a series of systems that brought snow, rain and freezing rain to the region, with snowfall warnings in effect on Friday and Saturday.

And it's not quite over. Another clipper is developing on Sunday, tracking just north of the border throughout the Prairies.

Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina are expected to see only rain from this system.

As the system makes its way into southern Manitoba and northern Ontario Monday morning, the precipitation will switch over to mixing and rain, while yet another system developing over Montana is expecting to bring some messy weather mid-week for the region.

Check back here early next week, as we'll be tracking this system as it approaches.

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B.C. meanwhile will have its own bout with April showers, as a train of systems approaches the province guaranteeing scattered rain for the rest of Sunday into next week.

The west coast of Vancouver Island will see the most amounts.

TUNE IN: We'll have regular updates on the week's weather as it unfolds on The Weather Network on TV.

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