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Some B.C. air quality advisories ended, conditions improving

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Monday, August 27, 2018, 8:42 PM - There's signs of relief on the wind, as some air quality advisories have dropped in B.C., amid what has so far been the second-worst wildfire season on record for the province.

Cleaner air is pushing the smoke eastward, but much of the province remains under an air quality advisory. Read on for what the next few days bring.


  • Air quality advisory dropped for Metro Vancouver and parts of lower mainland, still in effect for most of the province
  • Shift in winds bringing clearer air as smoke pushed eastward
  • Conditions dry to start the week, below-seasonal temperatures through the Interior into Alberta


Despite the good news for people in Metro Vancouver and parts of the lower mainland, much of the province was still under an air quality advisory Monday evening, going on two weeks for some places, though even there some improvement has been seen as a result of cleaner air flowing in.

"Air quality improvements that began yesterday have continued overnight and many areas are now seeing considerable improvements in particulate matter concentrations. However, fire activity is still widespread and the potential remains for smoke to return," Environment Canada says. "Communities downwind of wildfires will continue to experience periods of elevated concentrations of fine particulate matter and poor air quality. However increased dispersion from winds aloft combined with scattered showers over the coming days will lead to improvement for some regions."

Temperatures in the interior began the week cooler than seasonal, and there's even a chance of a scattering of snow at higher elevations.


A pattern change is welcomed news for the B.C. fire situation, as B.C. is likely through the worst of the fire and smoke situation for the year, as fire activity will decrease over the next couple weeks with cooler temperatures and more frequent bouts of shower activity.  

Our first trough sweeps in on Wednesday, bringing some fairly widespread showers and isolated embedded thunderstorms across the province. Good news, these thunderstorms are anticipated to be accompanied with precipitation as opposed to the dry lightning seen earlier this summer.

Thursday, showers are expected to linger throughout parts of central B.C., but Friday is shaping up to be mostly dry across the Province, with one region being the exception–coastal sections of the province. 

A weak frontal system migrates inland off the Pacific, giving the threat of showers to the Central and North Coast, which is expected to continue into the weekend as well. 

For the long weekend details are still a little fuzzy, but high probability of temperatures leaning on the cool side of normal. Saturday is expected to stay dry for the majority of Southern B.C., but a new cool trough is due by Sunday.

Uncertainty, but watching potential for some showers for the South Coast by late Sunday (including Vancouver and Victoria).

We'll be closely monitoring the freezing level Sunday and Monday morning, because the threat for flakes is reintroduced into higher elevations in B.C. and Alberta.


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