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Must see: So cold this daddy long-legs froze in place

Caroline Floyd

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 6:39 PM - Parts of the U.S. South are still cleaning up after last weekend's massive snowstorm, which dumped 2 feet of snow in some spots and left hundreds of thousands without power. Tens of thousands remained without power on Tuesday, even as temperatures remained well below normal across much of the region.

And it's more than just the human residents of the region coping with the cold. A photo sent to a local news station in Tennessee shows that at least one unlucky arachnid was caught off guard by the dip in temperature.

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The picture, submitted to WKRN by Jessica George, of Kelso, Tennessee, shows what appears to be a daddy long-legs, who's long-legs seem to be covered rime ice or hoarfrost.

The two effects form under similar conditions, and are known for turning trees, plants, and structures in a winter wonderland of spiky white frost. Rime ice can develop when freezing fog is present, as the cold droplets in the air freeze onto surfaces. Hoarfrost is similar, but develops when water vapor directly deposits and freezes onto surfaces (without the condensing-to-fog stage).

With moist, cold air well in place across the U.S. mid-south, lots of images of rime and hoarfrost have been popping up on social media.


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