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Tuesday brings warm temperatures and the risk of thunderstorms once again for southern Ontario. Details here
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Warm with risk of thunderstorms in southern Ontario

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 8:52 PM - Another warm afternoon across southern Ontario brings with it more storm risk Tuesday.

Isolated thunderstorms rumbled across parts of the southwest, with signs that some isolated storms reached severe levels.

Storm clouds passed over some southwestern cities like London and Kitchener around 4 p.m., while forecasters kept a close eye on one particular cell east of London that appeared to be showing signs of rotation.


  • Storm threat lingers Tuesday afternoon, primarily in southeastern Ontario, as front passes 
  • Return to seasonal temperatures across the board by Wednesday
  • Couple rounds of showers and thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday 

No tornado watches or warnings were issued for that particular storm, and the signs of rotation on the radar did weaken slightly, though fallen hydro poles were reported by police in the Thamesford area, near where the rotating cell passed.

It was a harbinger for a stormy afternoon and evening for many communities in the southwest, Golden Horseshoe, and eastern Ontario, including the nation's capital.

Temperatures across the region will fall back to seasonal averages for Wednesday in the wake of the front.

"Great start to the long weekend with sunshine on Friday," says The Weather Network's Dr. Doug Gillham. "A couple rounds of showers and thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday. Some uncertainty regarding the timing, but neither day looks like a washout."

There is the potential for daytime highs to reach or even exceed the 20oC mark in southern Ontario, but this will be dependent on the timing of the rain, adds Gillham.

"Sun and much cooler for Easter Monday. Back and forth temperature swings next week -- much of Canada will be below seasonal, but a rather sharp boundary will be nearby and it's too early to know whether that will primarily be just to our south or north, but should set the stage for some active weather."

Check back for updates as things unfold, and again later this week as we roll out a complete Easter 2017 forecast.

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