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'Potentially life-threatening' snow squalls continue

Michael Carter

Friday, January 5, 2018, 3:33 PM -

Extremely hazardous and potentially life-threatening travel conditions will last into the weekend across parts of southwestern Ontario, thanks to a combination of bitterly cold Arctic air and fierce lake-effect snow squalls off of Lake Huron.


  • Hardest-hot areas could see up to 50 cm of snow
  • Wind chill values between -30 and -40 expected in some places Saturday
  • Areas from Grand Bend southward to the 402 and down to the 401 west of London are seeing the greatest impacts

A powerful lake-effect band is hammering parts of southwestern Ontario off of Lake Huron and will continue through Saturday. Snow squall warnings are in effect for parts of the southwest.

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Areas from Grand Bend southward to the 402 and down to the 401 west of London are seeing the greatest impacts, with extended periods of whiteout conditions and roads likely becoming impassable. On Thursday, conditions deteriorated and travel became so dangerous that a large section of highway 402 was closed, which is still in effect on Friday. The band will also shift into the city of London at times, as the wind direction drifts more westerly through the event.

Lake-effect snowfall totals can vary widely over just a few kilometers, but the hardest hit areas may see new snowfall accumulations exceeding 50 cm.

As strong northwesterly winds bring Arctic air flooding into the region, temperatures will continue to plunge through Saturday, with wind chill values dropping below -30 and even -40 in some places.

This dangerous cold coupled with heavy snowfall will create life-threatening conditions for stranded drivers on some of southern Ontario’s biggest travel corridors.

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