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New snow-clearing app inspired by Winnipeg winters

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Monday, December 3, 2018, 2:19 PM - A new app created by students from the University of Manitoba is being marketed as the 'Uber for snow removal'.

The OnTheStep app puts homeowners in touch with people who will shovel your snow for you.

It's being called the 'Uber for snow removal' and it was founded by Buhle Mwanza, a computer science student at the University of Manitoba.

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Co-creators of the snow clearing app say they were inspired by the wintry weather of Winnipeg.

OnTheStep is free and after setting up a profile that includes the size of the driveway users can request shovelling services when the snow starts to fall.

When they launched November 12th they had to wait a few weeks before Winnipeg welcomed it's first major snowfall of the year, but then the steppers got to work.

They also partnered with Winnipeg business 'Hire a Refugee' to help fill the need for shovelers.

And they don't plan on stopping with snow. There's plans to turn the app into a lawn mowing service when the summer arrives.


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