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Yes, you read that right. Read on for the timing and how much is expected to fall.

Snow potential for southern Ontario this weekend

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    Cheryl Santa Maria
    Digital Reporter

    Friday, March 28, 2014, 5:15 PM -

    Double-digit temperatures settled into southern Ontario Friday.

    That warm trend is expected continue through to next week, following a short intermission.

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    Forecasters are predicting that snow will hit parts of the region Saturday afternoon, courtesy of a system that's making its way into Atlantic Canada.

    "This system will slide south of the Great Lakes, with the edge of the precipitation field bringing snow to parts of the Niagara region and parts of the Golden Horseshoe," says Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese.

    Between 2 and 5 cm could fall in Niagara, while the GTA could see about 1 cm of snow. It isn't expected to stick to the ground, due to warmer weather.

    Temperatures will continue to rise as the weekend draws to a close.

    "People in southern Ontario can look forward to Sunday and Monday," says Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter.

    "On those days, we're expecting seasonal temperatures, clear skies and calm conditions." 

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    Snow squalls move through southern Ontario
    Prepare for quick burst of snow, sudden reduced visibilities in parts of Ontario Tuesday
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