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Weather Illusion | Colorado

A mundane flight transforms through a dazzling 3D landscape

Tyler Hamilton

Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 5:41 PM - Daniel Hoerr, a frequent flyer out of Colorado, captured a stunning optical illusion along the eastern sprawling farmlands of the state. A fresh coating of snow, allowed the individual farm plots to become seemingly three dimensional.

  • Passenger Daniel Hoerr, captured an amazing illusion from an airplane at the end of December
  • Windswept snow-covered fields in Colorado and Kansas created the unusual effect
  • Shading created by position of the snow, gives the illusion of depth

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When Daniel travels, he typically leaves the window shutter closed, but as he approached the Colorado and Kansas border, for whatever reason, he opened the shutter. The scenes outside were mildly interesting, as massive wind farms churned in the distance.

For reference, each square or plot of land is approximately 60 hectares in size. The fields are primarily winter wheat, and harvested stubble of wheat and corn. 

But, several minutes later, another glance out the window, an entirely new landscape developed – a surreal three dimensional landscape appeared.

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The dark shades are not shadows, but the wind drifted snow has created the unusual shading effect and gives the landscape that blocky look. 


I know, it probably hurts your brain, but this land is technically as flat as can be. Try to convince yourself that, I can't.


 Photo Courtesy: With files from Daniel Hoerr

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