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April snow not only challenges drivers anxious for summer, it puts a strain on city crews where many snow clearing contracts have ended.

Snow clearing contracts end: Can city crews handle April snow storms?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 7:40 AM -

Southern Ontario drivers are facing snowy conditions for their Tuesday morning commute.

Yes, you read that right. April snow storms aren't unheard of, but after a brutally cold winter, it’s the last thing drivers want to hear.

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The Weather Network says the Greater Toronto Area can expect up to 5 cm of snow, with higher totals north of the city. 

Combined with rain and ice pellets, this will make for a slushy and slippery ride in to work.

This weather is also posing several challenges to municipal works crews. 

Since it’s so late in the season, contracts with snow clearing companies have already ended. Now, there’s a scramble to make sure enough staff are available to keep things moving.

The City of Mississauga said Monday that they were gearing up their contingency plan to keep the roads clear.

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“We have contacted several of our winter contractors and although this contract season has ended they have agreed to provide winter maintenance equipment and operators that will allow us to salt our primary routes in conjunction with city owned equipment,” said the city Monday. 

Crews were monitoring conditions closely and planned to begin pre-salting the streets overnight. Due to the rain on Monday however, there were concerns about salt getting washed away.

Making matters worse, many GTA drivers have already taken off their winter tires. You might be able to get away with all-seasons, but summer tires will require extra caution.

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