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Not everyone has something to smile about this weekend. See who's in for more snow.

Easter's looking more like Christmas for some parts of the country

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 8:45 PM -

We're mid-way through the long weekend - and although some folks are in for some sun and balmy temperatures there are still some parts of Canada that are actually in for some snow, or already saw some the day before.

Here's an update on what people are facing coast-to-coast Saturday into Sunday.

Snowy Newfoundland

An offshore system will move into Newfoundland on Saturday to the eastern parts of the island.

The heaviest snow amounts are expected to be in the southern Avalon Peninsula, with a chance of mixing and ice pellets for the region as well.

The snow should move out by Sunday morning.

Northern Ontario: Snowiest place in the country

There's good news for most of Ontario and Quebec: Rising temperatures throughout the weekend, reaching seasonal levels by the beginning of the new week.

It's a clear day for southern Ontario ... but in the north:

Yes, that's a forecast of up to 15 cm of snow for the Thunder Bay and Lake Superior areas of the northwest, courtesy of a clipper pushing through the region Saturday through Sunday morning.

<p>Gusty winds along the shores of Lake Superior could bring blowing snow for those areas, but rising temperatures will lead to a gradual west-to-east changeover to freezing rain, ice pellets and rain by the evening hours.</p>

In the south, the region will have sun and clouds until late Monday.

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Cold Prairies

As you can see above, that same system still has some snow to bring for parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, although the worst is all but over in the former province.

Snowfall warnings were in place Friday, dropped by Saturday morning. 

Good Friday was a frigid one for the Prairies, but milder temperatures will be arriving over the weekend.

Parts of southwestern Alberta were also under snowfall warnings for much of Friday morning, with some flakes falling even in Calgary, though that system had moved on to the eastern Prairies by the evening.

Another clipper is set to arrive in the three Prairie provinces on Sunday.

Rainy, snowy British Columbia

Meanwhile, Canada's western province is in for some gloomy weather, as a series of systems will bring rain for the rest of the weekend, into next week.

The heaviest rain will fall on Vancouver Island's west coast, while in the higher elevations, the moisture will fall as snow.

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