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Small steps can make a big difference!

Small steps can make a big difference! Here are 10 green personal makeover tips

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Monday, April 21, 2014, 2:12 PM -

Out with old, and in with the new. Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, so what better time to revamp your daily routine than at the start of a promising season? 

Breaking old habits, however, doesn't always come easy (after all, who doesn't have a favourite shampoo?). With all the distractions of everyday life, we don't always have the time to think about where our products are coming from -- or where they're going once we're through with them. 

In honour of Earth Week, I've compiled a head-to-go-guide on how to easily greenify your beauty regimen.

EARTH ACTION WEEK: Be sure to check back Tuesday as we feature four stunning time lapses that will make you appreciate our planet!

1. From the root to the tip, JĀSÖN Gluten Free Daily Shampoo and Conditioner will do the trick! 

Ever notice how traditional shampoos and conditioners sometimes dry out your hair? You might want to try switching to an all-natural formula instead.

(Image: www.jason-personalcare.com)

(Image: www.jason-personalcare.com)

Natural ingredients like floral extracts and citrus acid cleanse your strands without stripping them of essential oils. And if that wasn't enough, these hair products are gluten free, so they're safe for anyone with a gluten allergy! 

JĀSÖN Gluten Free Daily Shampoo and Conditioner - $8.97 US each, www.jason-personalcare.com

2. Lip tint, with a twist 

Maureen Kelly's line of cosmetics, Tarte, offers eco-chic, cruelty-free beauty products, infused with natural ingredients such as superfruit and plant extracts. Her entire product line is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten, including her stellar LipSurgence™ lip tint, which sells for only $29.00 CAD.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Tarte High-Performace Naturals.

Visit tartcosmetics.com for purchase details.

3. LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs will give you something to smile about! 

As if using all-natural ingredients (like fresh mint, lemon, and cinnamon) to blast you with fresh breath wasn't enough, these tooth cleansing tabs also come in a recyclable box! 

They do just what your regular toothpaste does -- all you have to do is just chew them up then brush away. Plus, they contain ingredients like calcium-rich seaweed powder to keep your teeth healthy and strong. As with most of LUSH’s products, these are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals.

To see how the 'toothpaste of the future' works, see the video below:

LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs - $4.95 US, lushusa.com

4. Armor, without the aluminum 

Many of us are unaware of the hidden dangers in the active ingredients of modern day deodorants and antiperspirants. One of the primary ingredients used in anipersperant is aluminum, in which some scientists have proposed may be related to breast cancer. And while there is no conclusive research directly linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the subsequent development of breast cancer, I say why risk it? 

Luckily for us, there's an abundance of all-natural deodorants to choose from, one of which being Natural Edge, as featured in the video at the top of this article. Natural Edge deodorants are as clean and green as they come, consisting of just baking soda, glycerin and oils. 

When choosing an all-natural deodorant, it's important to note that they're not all 'one size fits all'. Body chemistry plays a significant role in the effectiveness of a natural deodorant, and you may have to try a few different brands before finding the one that works best.

(Image: www.lavanila.com)

(Image: www.lavanila.com)

If you're a first time buyer, be sure to look for ones that do not contain PEGs, parabens, petrochemicals, aluminum compounds, synthetic ingredients, fragrance, or antibacterials (like triclosan). 

A great starting point would be the Lavanilla Healthy Deodorant, which is free of harsh chemicals. Instead, the company uses tea tree oil to kill body odor, and natural fragrances like lavender and vanilla to leave you smelling fresh!

Lavanilla Healthy Deodorant - $14 US, www.lavanila.com

Go to next page to see why your nail polish could be detrimental to your health!

5. You just can't say nope, to this soap 

So, if you think buying a soap with recycled packaging was good enough, think again! 

Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo Bars contain no packaging at all, so they’ve pretty much got everyone else beat in that regard. 

The bars are not only environmentally friendly, but also economical as each one lasts as long as three medium sized bottles of liquid shampoo.

(Image: www.lush.ca)

(Image: www.lush.ca)

Lush can pretty much rename itself to the 'eco-warrior', as it also donates to charities that promote environmental initiatives, and work to fight against animal testing.

Lush Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo - $11.95 CA, www.lush.ca

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6. From dry and scaly, to soft skin daily 

Even though winter is technically over (those in the Prairies might argue otherwise), your skin still needs plenty of moisturizing. This is especially true if you plan on hanging at the beach or pool this summer!

(Image: www.mscskincare.com)

(Image: www.mscskincare.com)

msc skin care Vanilla Shea Butter Cream is made from only five natural ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, tapioca starch, vanilla absolute, vitamin E), proving you don't always need a truckload of extra chemicals to pack some serious hydration power. 

msc skin care Vanilla Shea Butter Cream - $22, www.mscskincare.com

7. Nails that can't fail 

According to the David Suzuki Foundation 2010 report What's Inside, That Counts, 80 per cent of cosmetics contain at least one ingredient linked with health and environmental concerns, including cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies. 

Your bottle of nail polish alone has at least three: Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.

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(Image: www.eyeslipsface.com)

(Image: www.eyeslipsface.com)

e.l.f Essential Nail Polish is not one of them. These polishes contain key nutrients and are infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails. e.l.f. polishes are also '3 free', meaning they don't contain toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish - $2.00 US, www.eyeslipsface.com

8. Make second-hand, your only brand 

When it comes to eco-friendly gear, you don't have to look too far. Simply buying second-hand can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. 

According to WRAP figures, extending the life cycle of clothing by just three months reduces the carbon footprint by 8%, water consumption by 10% and waste by 9%. That number jumps nearly three times once extended by nine months. 

So whether its a specialty vintage shop or a major thrift store chain, get ready to roll up those sleeves and start digging this summer -- and who knows, you may even come across a rare designer piece at ridiculously low cost! 

Intimidated by the idea? Check out the video below to learn five quick tips for vintage shopping with stylist and designer Bobette Cohn, Chriselle, and Jessica at Screaming Mimi's, a vintage shop in New York City:

To find a local thrift shop near you, click here.

9. The wax that doesn't pollute to the max 

No eco-friendly spa day is complete without a candle! 

Aveda's Light The Way Candles are made from natural soy wax and 100% organic essential oils for a soothing, slightly spicy scent.

(Image: www.aveda.com)

(Image: www.aveda.com)

The best part? All the proceeds from the limited-edition candle go to the Global Greengrants Fund, which gives grants to environmental groups across the globe

Light The Way Candle - $12 US, www.aveda.com

10. The footwear that's environmentally fair 

Putting your greenest foot forward (while still looking stylish) has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the California-based company, The People's Movement (MOVMT). 

MOVMT creates stylish, eco-conscious footwear and accessories that stand for the fight against SINGLE-USE PLASTICS. They use organic, eco-conscious materials and up-cycled plastic bags cleaned from Bali and California.

And if that wasn't enough, a portion of sales is contributed to 5 Gyres, a non-profit that enables systematic reduction of plastics through oceanic research, collaboration and action. 

Learn more about the MOMVT here.

Greenifying your beauty regimen can be an overwhelming task. To help you get started, be sure to visit the EWG's Skin Deep database for a comprehensive overview of thousands of beauty products currently on the market.

Be sure to share some of your favourite all-natural products with us in the comments below!

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