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Skin feel like sandpaper, we have the cure for that: Here

Joanne Richard
Special to The Weather Network

Thursday, December 28, 2017, 10:45 AM - The bitter cold can do a real number on your skin – like making it so dry and dehydrated that it gets all scaly and flakey. Unlike the outdoor kind of falling flakes which are nice and festive, these ones are not.

Battling winter wear and tear requires transitioning your skincare routine immediately – that way you ensure your skin will glow all season long and not be a dried-out disaster by spring. Bitter winds and icy temperatures combined with indoor heating sources suck the moisture right out of our skin causing it to become dry, itchy and flaky. Dehydrated skin is dull, shows fine lines, and is more prone to sensitivity.

According to wellness expert Lorene Sauro, “harsh weather can strip skin of its natural moisture barrier causing water to escape. Many people often experience an exacerbation of their current skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Others will notice their skin feels dry and itchy.”

This can occur even when we do not spend a lot of time outside. Heated, sealed houses also cause dry skin, says Sauro. So, if cold air is hard on the skin and heated indoor air is also harsh, what are we supposed to do? 

Do not forsake the outdoors. Getting fresh air, throughout the cold weather months, helps build a healthy immune system, adds Sauro, and it’s a great mental boost too. Just be sure, whether indoors or outdoors, that you exfoliate regularly, moisturize daily, and drink lots of water and green tea, so that you’re feeding your face from the outside and inside.

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Protect your skin from becoming a distressed mess with more tips from Sauro, registered holistic nutritionist at thedigestersdilemma.com:

• Make sure that the temperature in the house is not too warm:  20-22oC is a good temperature. Put on a sweater when youfeel cold.
• Hydrate your skin with a good quality moisturizer which helps to provide a protective barrier against bad weather. Make sure it does not have harsh chemicals as these can aggravate skin issues. Products that contain hyaluronic acid and shea butter help keep moisture in the skin.
• Reduce the temperature of your bath and shower – again harsh heat does not help this time of year. When taking a bath, add natural bath oils to add moisture.
• Avoid hard soaps. Natural soaps do not irritate the skin or add to dryness.

• Lips can become dry and cracked so reach for a lip balm with beeswax to help seal in moisture. Mixing shea butter with avocado can helps repair dry lips.
• Exercising 20-30 minutes (indoors) at least three times a day as this can help draw moisture to the skin when we sweat.
• Make sure to consume enough fat in the diet, including essential fatty acids found in chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seed and cold-water fish such as salmon, herring, sardine, arctic char, cod and tuna. Fat helps keep us warm plus hydrates the skin and lips.
• Consume plenty of fruit and vegetables to ensure providing an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are essential to healthy skin.
• Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen which helps maintain firm, soft skin. Eat up citrus fruit, berries, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli.
• Ceramides are a type of fat found in the cell membranes. They decrease with age and can affect the ability of the skin to maintain its texture and moisture level. Phytoceramides are plant-based supplements that studies have shown can help protect the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Ingredients from your kitchen can nourish on the outside, inexpensively.

Whip up a honey and sugar scrub for great skin, says Natialie Keller,  skin care expert of Ste. Anne’s Spa.

“Honey is a natural moisturizer, and has antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties which help to heal acne, prevent wrinkles and fight skin damage.”

Mix 1 tsp. of honey with ½ tsp. of sugar, and apply on your face using circular motions. Rinse with warm water.

Further minimize winter damage by using a humidifier, and ensuring you keep your hands and face covered when you are outside on cold days, adds Kellar. 

Drinking green tea helps you stay hydrated which is going to help your skin look radiant. “The skin-benefits of tea are also linked to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects of bioactive plant compounds found in tea, called polyphenols,” says holistic nutritionist Michelle Book, of the Canadian Health Food Association. 

So drink lots of green tea and check out this Green Tea Scrub from chfa.ca that you can easily make at home.

Brew a very strong ¼ cup of green tea. Let this steep for a half hour. Remove the tea bag and empty the brewed tea leaves into a small bowl. Mix in 1 tbsp of course, granulated sugar.

Rub gently into your skin, and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

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