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Student survives being blown 400 m

Matt Suter of Fordland, Missouri, is a living record-holder.

He is a survivor of the March 2006 Tornado season in that state. Here’s a look at the kind of twisters that touched down that month in Missouri:

Suter was sucked out of the trailer he was in at the time, and carried almost 400 metres before bring set down with minor injuries in a field far from his home.

This local newspaper account shows how surprised he was to find out his grandmother and uncle, also in the trailer, had survived as well.

A National Weather Service investigator confirmed the distance he’d been blown was a record – surpassing by almost 100 metres the previous record.

That had been held by a nine-year-old girl who, in 1955, had been carried with her pony a little over 300 metres before being set down in a field almost completely unharmed.

The Mud Baby

This would be a heck of a story for Aleah Crago to tell at parties, if she could only remember it.

News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Although around 14 years old now, she was only 10-months old when, in 1999, an Oklahoma tornado ripped her from her mothers arms and carried her into oblivion.

Her mother, on the way to hospital, begged a local deputy to find her…and find her he did, face down in the mud several metres away from where the elements had plucked her.

She was an incredible survival story, out of several in the wake of the twister that killed 44 people in Moore (yes, Moore again), with winds likely in the EF-5 range.

Man finds his wife's wedding ring amid the rubble

Cody Schleuning's family was hard-hit by a tornado in 2012.

The twister demolished his home, and scattered his wife and children in different directions. It killed 15 people, including his neighbour, and to add insult to injury, their shed caught fire in the aftermath.

They can rebuild, but still, there are some things you can't replace, like the engagement ring Schleuning gave his wife 10 years ago.

So it must have been a huge comfort when Schleuning somehow managed to find it, sifting through the rubble.

Add to that the fact the family's dogs were also okay, and we can't help but wonder if Schleuning thought to buy a lottery ticket as well.

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