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Sam Simon uses his money to rescue animals from zoos and take them to a sanctuary

Simpsons co-creator rescues bears

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Saturday, January 18, 2014, 11:47 AM -

Seventeen grizzly and black bears were brought to a new home, courtesy of Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. 

Simon left The Simpsons by 1993, but gets millions of dollars in royalties. When Simon was diagnosed with cancer in November 2012, he turned his loved for animals into his personal project. With the help of PETA, Simon has been using his money to buy up zoos and circuses that don't offer the animals a proper living situation. 

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The rescued grizzlies and black bears will live in an animal sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

A Canadian Connection 

Simon's animal activism found its way into Canada recently. Roughly a month ago Sam Simon and actress Pamela Anderson made their way into St. John's, N.L. to offer a $1 million cheque to the Canadian Sealers Association. He said his intention was to respectfully encourage governments to change seal hunt legislation, while protecting aboriginal hunts. The association office's were closed at the time but some locals considered the offer ignorant and insulting.

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