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Shipwreck hunters find Scotiadoc in Lake Superior; Could be deepest ever found in Great Lakes

Video screen-grab from the wreck of the Scotiadoc taken by Jerry Eliason

Video screen-grab from the wreck of the Scotiadoc taken by Jerry Eliason

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    Sunday, October 6, 2013, 10:35 PM -

    The group that found a sunken freighter off near Marquette, Michigan this spring has found a second one in Lake Superior. 

    The Duluth News Tribune reports the shipwreck hunters confirmed the location of Scotiadoc last month

    It is in more than 850 feet of water near Thunder Bay, Ontario, possibly making it the deepest shipwreck ever found in the Great Lakes. 

    The 424-foot ship sank after colliding with the 451-foot freighter Burlington in 1953. At least one person died as a result of the accident.

    Jerry Eliason, of Cloquet, Minnesota, is part of the group that has found many lost ships, including the long-sought-after wreck of the Henry B. Smith offshore Michigan in May. He says finding the Smith was the entrée and finding "the Scotiadoc was the dessert." 

    The Scotiadoc freighter departed Port Arthur, Ontario (part of what is now Thunder Bay) just before 4 p.m. on June 20, 1953.

    Video of the wreckage can be seen at

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