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Aerials of North Dakota train derailment

Shift in weather could heighten potential health hazards after train derailment in North Dakota

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    Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 8:05 AM -

    A train collision in North Dakota caused a major fire near Casselton Monday afternoon.

    Officials say one of the trains was carrying oil and as many as ten tank cars burst into flames.

    Several explosions were also reported as thick, black smoke could be seen for miles.

    The fiery train wreck is raising more questions about how safe it is to transport crude oil by rail.

    While there have been no reports of injuries, 2,400 residents are being urged to leave their homes.

    Officials say a shift in the weather could heighten the risk of potential health hazards and were advising residents living within eight kilometres to the south and east of the derailment to evacuate.

    In July, 47 people were killed in Lac-Megantic, Quebec when a train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded.

    With files from CNN

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