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Severe weather, heavy snow for snowbirds this weekend

Jaclyn Whittal

Sunday, December 9, 2018, 11:22 AM - With the holidays fast approaching, a weekend when many of us are trimming our trees may be spent cleaning up shredded trees across the U.S. Gulf Coast. If you are like many snowbirds that head south to escape the Canadian cold you will want to keep a close eye on our Weather Network App and website to stay severe weather aware this coming weekend. 

There is a Texas Low that will not only bring heavy snow with blizzard-like conditions to some, but the possibility of damaging winds, flooding rains, and even tornadoes are in the forecast.

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The system started as rain in Texas on Friday, lasting through much of the weekend, particularly in the middle of the state, including Dallas and Austin, with heavy snow and freezing rain on the northwest side of the storm Saturday.

This wintry mix will continue to fall for areas from northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee to the Carolinas for Sunday afternoon into Monday. 

As this system rolls east, each day comes with the risk of severe weather along the Gulf Coast, with the energy making it to the Florida Peninsula by Sunday. If you are vacationing in a motor home, you will want to make sure you have a safe spot to retreat to in case severe weather occurs. The threat for stream flooding will be possible along the I-10 corridor throughout the entire weekend.


By Sunday afternoon, heavy rain and snow reach the Southeast, with parts of the Appalachians in the cross hairs to see snow accumulations measuring in feet. This means many road closures likely and delayed travel plans for people that might be travelling along I-95 toward the Carolina coast, Georgia, and Florida due to rain and wet snow. Strong winds may also cause blowing and drifting snow, further impacting travel conditions. The heaviest snow is expected through Sunday night for northern North Carolina and into Virginia.

The track of the low will greatly determine how much snow one area will get. If this storm tracks further off shore then the snow impacts will not be as severe. If it tracks further west (and stays onshore) then we could see even more snow extending into Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.


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