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Days of heat and humidity together with a series of troughs that had been moving over the province triggered tornado warnings in the Ottawa Valley.

Severe thunderstorms roar through eastern Ontario, Quebec; Breezy conditions to continue through evening

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 7:21 PM -

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For Canada Day celebrations, Mother Nature threatened with her own show stopping fireworks in the nation's capital

Days of heat and humidity together with a series of troughs that had been moving over the province sparked thunderstorms on Tuesday morning in the Ottawa Valley.

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At one point in time, Environment Canada detected rotation on the radar and issued tornado warnings for parts of eastern Ontario, including Gatineau and Ottawa North. 

The warnings were subsequently dropped and so far no reports of tornadoes.

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The risk for thunderstorms for eastern Ontario and southern Quebec continues through the evening

While most of southern Ontario may have missed the rain, many are looking forward to the fireworks display this evening.

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It has been breezy, and while windy conditions, are not the most favourable for fireworks, it is expected that through the evening, the wind will diminish.

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UPDATE: Tornado warning in eastern Ontario has ended
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