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Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Windsor, Ontario

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    Cheryl Santa Maria
    Digital Reporter

    Thursday, June 13, 2013, 6:15 AM -

    Severe thunderstorms with wind gusts up to 100 km/h are set to rumble through southwestern Ontario.

    File photo courtesy: Brandon Broderick

    File photo courtesy: Brandon Broderick

    Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the Windsor region.

    Up to 50 mm of rain is in the forecast.

    "Late Wednesday evening and into the overnight hours a system developing in the U.S. could bring thunderstorms and rain to southwestern Ontario," explains Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

    "The main threats look to be strong winds, sizeable hail and torrential rain."

    The GTA could see some slight showers associated with the storm, but the majority of the system will stay in southwestern Ontario, Vettese says.

    Visit the Alerts section of the website to keep on top of watches and warnings across the country.

    Severe storms move through northern Alberta

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