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Long Weekend kicks off with some serious storms across Ontario. Warnings in effect.

Severe thunderstorm threat widespread across Ontario; warnings in effect

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    Dalia Ibrahim
    Digital Reporter

    Saturday, August 2, 2014, 6:25 PM -

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    The Long Weekend kicked off with major thunderstorm activity across parts of Ontario. 

    Check out the video below -- one Weather Network viewer uploaded the video to our website, with a caption stating: "Hail storm in Columbus [community located within the city of Oshawa] that wiped out gardens and caused power outages."

    That storm was one of "several clusters of thunderstorms" that Environment Canada is keeping a close eye on this afternoon. 

    EC says these storms are capable of producing "very strong wind gusts, dime to nickel size hail and torrential downpour," Saturday. 

    Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were widespread across southern and northwestern Ontario Saturday afternoon.

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    "Convective-type thunderstorms have started to pop-up across southern Ontario, and will continue through the evening," says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg Saturday afternoon. "These are very isolated cells -- meaning it is only impacting localized areas. These storms are very slow moving, meaning they're dropping a lot of rain in a short period of time, which can lead to localized flooding." 

    While southern Ontario will see pop-showers throughout the day, the rain risk is more widespread in northwestern Ontario.

    "Storms in northwestern Ontario are associated with a passing cold front," explains Sonnenburg. "Most of the storms in the region will be non-severe in nature, however there is a risk for a few isolated severe thunderstorms for some areas. With that could come the risk for strong wind gusts, large hail, and heavy downpours." 

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    Visit our ALERTS page for updated watches and warnings and watch The Weather Network on TV for LIVE updates.

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    Hailstorm in Waterloo

    Storm risk for many this weekend
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