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Wednesday's wild weather made getting around in London, ON pretty tricky.

Severe storms down trees, power lines in southern Ontario

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    Thursday, September 12, 2013, 7:34 AM -

    Clean-up continues after Wednesday's wild weather across southern Ontario. 

    A couple bands of strong to severe thunderstorms roared across the region ahead of a cold front approaching from the northwest. That prompted widespread watches and warnings and a series of tornado warnings were issued as well. 

    "There were numerous reports of torrential downpours with nearly zero visibility, small hail and intense lightning," Environment Canada says.

    The severe storms resulted in numerous downed trees and power outages.

    Thousands were left in the dark as the outages spread from Windsor to Ottawa and north into Cottage Country.

    About 13,000 customers were still without power early Thursday. 

    Downed tree smashes windshield in Cambridge (Mark Rozitis)

    Downed tree smashes windshield in Cambridge (Mark Rozitis)

    Storm damage in London (Michael Merrit)

    Storm damage in London (Michael Merrit)

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    There's a chance for some isolated non-severe thunderstorms over southern Ontario Thursday.

    "Some of the thunderstorms over eastern Ontario could approach severe limits due to heavy downpours and strong winds," Environment Canada warns.

    Extreme heat subsides

    Wednesday's storms helped to clear the hot and humid conditions felt across southern Ontario earlier this week.

    On Tuesday, temperatures soared to the mid 30s, feeling closer to the 40s with the humidity. That prompted the City of Toronto to issue its first heat alert since mid-July.

    It was a similar story for most of the region on Wednesday with humidex and heat advisories still in effect.

    In the wake of the cold front, temperatures are returning to near seasonal values on Thursday and by Friday, jackets will be required.

    Thursday's risk

    Thursday's risk

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