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Several clippers (no major storms) are expected through the weekend with a progressively colder pattern into next week.

Snow causes slow and slippery commute in southern Ontario

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Friday, January 17, 2014, 9:55 AM -

Residents in southern Ontario woke up to a fresh layer of snow Friday, slowing the morning commute and resulting in dangerous driving conditions. 

"Slippery, slushy, snow covered roads - already several collisions around the Greater Toronto Area," Beat The Traffic Tweeted early Friday.

In addition to the tricky commute, officials say snow now covers the ice on driveways and sidewalks, posing a hazard for those attempting to walk to school or work.

The thick ice in many places is still from last month's major ice storm and with temperatures remaining frigid, it's not expected to melt anytime soon.

"Temperatures will be around the freezing mark Friday, and slightly cooler for the weekend," says Weather Network meteorologist Gina Ressler. "Even colder air (daytime highs in the minus double digits) will make an appearance mid-next week."

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Light snow moved into southern Ontario Thursday at the tail-end of the evening commute, creating slick conditions and traffic delays.

The weather is the likely cause of at least one major car accident at Northfield drive and Bridge street in the Waterloo/Kitchener area Thursday evening.

At least one person was trapped inside a vehicle for an hour after her van reportedly collided with a cement truck.

Weather Network camera operator Mark Rozitis was at the scene and described the conditions as "snowy and very slippery."

"The current orientation of the jet stream brings a number of clipper systems across the Great Lakes in the next week," adds Ressler. "These systems originate from the Yukon and dive south, bringing only nuisance snow and flurries to the region."

The first rolled in on Thursday with the next one expected on Sunday, and then again on Monday.

Car crash in Waterloo, Ontario Thursday night. Courtesy: Mark Rozitis

Car crash in Waterloo, Ontario Thursday night. Courtesy: Mark Rozitis

That's after much of the region enjoyed a #Wintermission.

Milder temperatures and melting snow have police officials warning residents to stay away from all waterways.

Ontario police say some waterways are now covered in water and slush, causing open holes and large cracks on the already thin ice.

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