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Seven teenagers were rescued after falling through ice in a central park pond Monday evening. Police say the teens were trying to take pictures when the ice gave way.

Selfie gone wrong: Teens fall through Central Park thin ice

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 7:30 PM - Selfie gone wrong. The long weekend took a scary turn for seven teenagers after falling through thin ice in New York City Monday evening.

Officials said the teens were trying to take pictures on Presidents Day when ice in a Central Park pond gave way. 

According to NBC New York, the teens struggled to get out of the water before they were rescued by a group of people. 

Channel 9 News reported  one of the rescuers was an Australian model, Ethan Turnbull, who described the young people in the water as “overwhelmed” before they were pulled to safety.

New York City  has been sitting under a dome of high pressure over the last several days, which has kept temperatures relatively mild for this time of year. Temperatures at Central Park soared to around 10 C Monday. 

The New York City Fire Department said six of the seven patients were treated for hypothermia. 

All were expected to be okay.

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Be Ice Smart

Ice is never 100 per cent safe. Be sure to keep safety in mind and follow the tips below before hitting the ice.

Ice colour can help indicate the strength of ice: 

  • Clear blue ice is strongest 
  • White opaque or snow ice is half as strong as blue ice – this type of ice forms by wet snow freezing on the ice 
  • Gray ice is not safe. The ice gets its gray colour from the presence of water.

Image Source/Boat and Water Safety Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Safety tips below: Three key things to look out for before going out on the ice

Sources: Boat and Water Safety Minnesota DepartmentNBC New YorkChannel 9 News

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