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Amounts will be light, and the main weather story will be comparatively warm temperatures.

Seasonal temperatures linger, but some snow is also in the mix for southern Ontario this weekend

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Saturday, March 8, 2014, 6:52 AM -

    It's a testament to how harsh the winter has been in southern Ontario that a brief return to seasonal temperatures can feel so warm.

    Still, that's how many residents were feeling Sunday as above-zero temperatures were widespread, and more of the same expected Saturday and a slight cooldown on the way for Sunday

    Saturday is expected to see similar temperatures through the region, a milder and welcome contrast to the past weekend, and a big change compared to the well-below zero weather of the past months.

    Weather Network meteorologist said frigid air locked up in the Great Lakes region for weeks was finally dissipating Friday, with southerly winds bringing milder weather to southern Ontario.

    "Close to seasonal temperatures all weekend and into the beginning of the week, with the exception of Sunday being slightly cooler," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said.

    Friday already delivered on the warm forecast, with temperatures in some areas reaching well into the positive single digits.

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    It won't be all mild for everyone. A clipper system will target the region late Sunday evening, persisting through Monday morning.

    "We're looking at trace to 2 cm of snow accumulating in the Greater Toronto Area Monday morning," says Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter. 

    Amounts will be higher in Northern Ontario and the Nickel Belt, with up to 10 cm possible in some areas.

    "The system should clear out Monday morning."

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