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Seal and octopus get ready to rumble

Courtesy: Bob Ianson

Courtesy: Bob Ianson

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 3:33 PM - A family visiting Ogden Point, BC encountered an example of nature at its rawest, and quickly captured the moment to share.

Bob Ianson witnessed a seal and octopus facing off near the surface of the water, and after a short tussle, the seal emerged a victor before carrying off dinner.

Ianson, A B.C. resident,  told the Times Colonist that the sight was incredible and explained that it seemed like the marine mammal was showing off for on-lookers. According to Ianson, the octopus barely put up a fight. It wrapped its tentacles around the seal but seemed mostly defeated in the end.

Marine mammal coordinator Paul Cottrell told Metro News in 2013 that it's not uncommon to see seals and octopus facing off.

Harbour seals take the octopuses to the surface to eviscerate it.

Seals target the younger individuals as a fully grown Pacific octopus can weigh more than 70 kilogram and is one of the largest of its kind.

Harbour seals aren't the only species known to dine on squids and octopuses. Monk Seals off the coast of Greece have also been observed feasting on the same animal.

Sources:  Metro News, Times Colonist

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