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Scientists falls into crevasse, films his escape and posts it on YouTube

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, May 24, 2014, 11:42 AM -

WARNING: Some of the embedded videos contain strong language.

The opening line in the video above just about says it all.

That's Dr. John All, a scientist at Western Kentucky University, and it's the first glimpse we get of him after he tumbled more than 20 m into a crevasse on a mountain in the Himalayas.

"I saw what I needed to do in order to live and it wasn't easy," All writes in the video description. It was the first of four videos he shot as he ascended to freedom, nursing several broken bones and a dislocated shoulder.

He later posted his videos to YouTube, and they give a pretty clear idea as to just how incredibly difficult it was. 

"After climbing for about 35 minutes, I wasn't much closer and kept having to climb to my right in order to find terrain I could climb in my shattered condition," All says of the second video.

"After another hour and a half, I was getting closer and knew it was possible but was also so damn tired. Hope brings frustration sometimes."

"Another 30 minute of climbing and traversing trying to get out and I am nearly there. I knew I could do it, but is still took another chunk of time to escape. I was damn lucky."

It took him six hours to crawl to freedom according to the Associated Press, but it wasn't over yet. According to All's Facebook, it still took several hours to get to hospital, aided by helicopter rescue.

"Injuries across my body but no single one will kill me," He wrote on Thursday. "The worst was having a dislocated shoulder for 32 hours before they could re-set it - worst pain I have ever felt."

The ordeal doesn't appear destined to stop him. He says he's off for a "safe trip" to Peru next.

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