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Satellite image shows four cyclones near Australia

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 5:22 PM - Queensland and Western Australia are prepping for the arrival of tropical cyclones Nathan and Olwyn over the next few days -- but a satellite image shows those aren't the only storms churning near the country.

A satellite image tweeted by Australia's met office Thursday shows four storms in the area -- Nathan, Olwyn, Pam and Bavi.

Pam and Bavi aren't expected to be a threat to Australia, but Nathan and Olwyn could bring more than 350 mm of rain to some places.

Tropical cyclone Nathan is inching closer to the northeast coast of Queensland. It's expected to head back out to sea before reaching the shore, but will bring heavy rain as it skirts by the coast, along with winds over 130 kilometres per hour.

Olywn is targeting western Australia and is expected to make landfall in the community of Exmouth Friday morning before tracking along the west coast.

Remnants of the storm could bring substantial rain to Perth.

Pam could intensify into a category 5 hurricane with winds over 250 kilometres per hour. It is expected to bring intense rain and wind to Vanuatu before moving south.

Sources: Twitter | The Weather Network UK

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