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Robot furniture builds itself

Robot furniture builds itself

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Thursday, July 24, 2014, 11:59 AM - Imagine never having to rearrange the furniture in your home again.

Researchers at a biorobotics lab in Switzerland are developing modular robots that can do it for you.

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The so-called "roombots" can be manipulated to change shape and create simple furniture on demand.

These modules, which resemble dice, contain batteries, motors and a wireless connection.

They also have grippers that allow them to combine with other parts to form all kinds of furnishings like chairs, sofas and tables.

When not needed, the group of modules can also create a static structure such as a wall or a box.

Researchers hope the mobile furniture can benefit the elderly or people with poor mobility.

Right now, the modules are controlled by algorithms on a PC, but the goal is to add cameras and voice recognition.

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