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They're not expected to be severe in the south, but the northwest is a different story.

Risk of Sunday storms in Ontario

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Sunday, July 20, 2014, 9:21 AM - Many communities in Ontario saw a rainy day and a rainy night Saturday, along with highs which, in parts of the Greater Toronto Area, barely cracked 20oC.

    The good news is the showers will be more scattered throughout Sunday, and the temperatures will start getting back up to more seasonal levels, according to Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg.

    "Temperatures and humidity will continue to climb into the beginning of next week, feeling like the mid-to-high 30s by Wednesday," Sonnenburg said Sunday morning.

    The rising humidity already sparked fog advisories in the Windsor and Sarnia areas, but although those dropped by the mid-morning, that same humidity will fuel thunderstorms in the south, currently expected to be non-severe.

    Wednesday also holds some thunderstorm risk in southern Ontario, due to a passing system, but on Sunday, northwestern Ontario is facing potentially severe thunderstorm risk.

    Weather Network Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott said the storms should fire up in the afternoon and evening, with the primary threats being hail and strong wind, along with a slight chance of a tornado.

    TUNE IN: We'll have ongoing coverage of these storms as they fire up. Watch the Weather Network on TV and, if safe to do so, send us your pictures and videos.

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