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Canadian homeowners overrun by mice this summer, here's why

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Saturday, July 28, 2018, 5:52 PM - Exterminators are busy battling mice in Canadian homes this summer, and it appears weather may be to blame.

"We had one of our best Mays ever, and then leading into June it carried straight on through. So it's been a busy time for us for rodents that's for sure," Sean Rollo, Orkin Canada's senior regional manager for the Greater Toronto Area and Atlantic Canada told The Weather Network. "We're definitely up in our staffing and it’s not just for rodents, it's pests in general that we are seeing large spikes in."

The prolonged stretch of hot and dry weather across Eastern Canada has left mice scrambling to find water and areas to cool off.


"People have the AC cranked up, but there's leakage from the house and of course they detect that, and they try to get into some cooler spots," said Rollo. "During the heat you're going to get things decomposing at a faster rate. Flies are producing more maggots and so on, so there is a lot more food sources for some of the rodents, which then of course can speed up their life cycle. So, we may be seeing more litters of rodents happening during a heat wave than not."

A spike in rodent service calls can also correspond with local construction. Rodents become displaced and are forced to search for new places to nest, added Rollo.

Courtesy: Getty Images

And when it comes to finding ways into your home, mice stop at nothing.

"If you've ever seen a mouse climbing up a telephone pole, they are very acrobatic," he laughed. "Mice and rats can very easily scale up the side of a brick building, wire or what not to get to the roof area."

Some access points include outdoor faucets that are damaged or not properly sealed. Cracks in walls can also become problematic, especially near windows and entryways.


So what should you do this summer to prevent these rodents from entering your home?

"The best thing is to look for these exclusion opportunities," said Rollo. "How can you mitigate them from getting in the first place. So, sealing some of those things up. If they have a dryer vent that doesn’t have a cap on it with a screen. If they've got a pipe that is not sealed, those things should be taken care of."

When choosing a sealant, Rollo said it's important to do your research.

"Something like a spray foam to seal around a pipe is not the best option because they will chew right through it."

It's always a good idea to contact a professional company like Orkin Canada as there are many home protection programs available, according to the regional manager.

"Have that assessment done. We can start to share some knowledge about their unique property, and the steps they can take to help prevent rodents from entering. Even things they can do around the home, like compost is on the rise. So, how can they properly compost so that they don't attract rodents to the house," he said. "Contract a company that is going to be knowledgeable to help prevent the problem in the first place."

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