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Let's not forget that this rule applies for pets too.

Retailer hangs sign reminding people not to leave children in hot car

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Saturday, June 28, 2014, 4:51 PM -

Rolled-back prices aren't the only signs getting the attention of shoppers at a Walmart near Indianapolis. The store has a new sign up in the front window that the company hopes might save a few lives. 

Brendon and Dawn Broadstreet are back in the car after leaving this Southside Walmart. Their daughters 11 year old Mckenzy, Aaliyah, and her friend Zoey, both 6, went inside with them -- although they only shopped for a few minutes.

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Weather Network viewer Ted Berdowski measures the heat stress in his work truck.

Weather Network viewer Ted Berdowski measures the heat stress in his work truck.

"I just can't think of leaving my little ones like that...just scary," says father Brendon Broadstreet. "A few minutes can turn into a few more minutes you know, people lose track of time. That just doesn't make sense. Even a few minutes is a little too much." 

At this Walmart, parents are greeted with reminder stickers at the door. They read: Look before you leave

In one of two separate cases this week - Metro Police officers arrested Lamont Allen after finding the two baby boys drenched in sweat, he reportedly left in a hot car outside a bank. 

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Pediatrician Dr. Eric Yancy continuously warns parents about dangerous car temperatures, even on milder days. 

"Children have been shown to succumb to heat stroke in temps as low as [18 °C to 21 °C]. That's a mild day. So no time is a safe time," he warns. 

Although Brendon believes the reminder signs at Walmarts are a good idea, he hopes its something no parent will ever need. 

"It's like plastic bags, don't let kids play with those, it's along the same lines," he says. 

BELOW: The same rule applies to your pets. See video below on how to keep you pets safe this summer.

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