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Researchers emerge from mock Mars food mission

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    Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 8:39 AM -

    Researchers who have spent nearly four months simulating what it's like to live on Mars are emerging from their experiment on a barren Hawaii lava field Tuesday.

    Since mid April, six people have been living in a space habitat located 2,440 metres (8,000 feet) above sea level on the northern slope of Mauna Loa in the most Mars-like environment you can find on Earth.

    The NASA-funded study is researching what foods astronauts might eat during a mission to Mars.

    The University of Hawaii and Cornell University selected six people of various scientific backgrounds to act as though they were the first human explorers on Mars. They have conducted numerous science experiments, including finding creative ways to cook non-perishable dehydrated and preserved food. 

    "It’s been quite an amazing experience, but I’m also looking forward to exiting the habitat on Tuesday at the end of a very successful mission!," said researcher Oleg Abramov in one of his final blogs

    Officials say it will take several months to process all the data the team gathered, but Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation Investigator Kim Binsted hopes to present the findings at the International Astronautical Congress this year.

    (Courtesy: http://hi-seas.org)

    (Courtesy: http://hi-seas.org)

    With files from The Associated Press

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