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NASA: Blacker than Black

Researchers create world's darkest material

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 7:14 PM - Scientists at Surrey NanoSystems in the UK have developed Vantablack, a material capable of absorbing 99.9965% of all light. It's so dark than when it coats 3D objects, it makes them appear flat.

The 'super black' coating was developed out of carbon nanotubes. Researchers say that Vantablack is the darkest material ever manufactured.

According to the company, the first customers to purchase Vantablack are in the defence and space sectors.

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These clients will likely use the technology to create stealth weaponry and sensitive telescopes capable of detecting deep-space stars.

Courtesy: Surrey Nanosystems

Courtesy: Surrey Nanosystems

In the past, super-black carbon-nanotube materials could only function at high temperatures, making it impossible to apply them to delicate electronics with low melting points.

They were also not able to adhere to surfaces very well, meaning they couldn't be used on air-borne or space technologies. 

But Vantablack's thermal stability, coupled with its ability to adhere to vibrating objects, could change the way stealth and deep-space technologies are manufactured.

Right now, the company is in the process of scaling up production to meet the requirements of its first clients.

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