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Reminiscing on the 45th anniversary Apollo 11

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    Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 12:07 PM -

    The Apollo 11 moon landing was a moment of unity rarely experienced in our modern world. Anyone who had access to a television was waiting eagerly in front of it, while the ones who didn’t lined up in public spaces to find one and celebrate this achievement.

    It may be difficult to imagine that type of excitement today as unfettered, 24-hour access to information on demand is the norm; whereas the airing of the Apollo 11 mission was an event to be viewed in one night.

    At TheWeatherNetwork.com we too got a taste of this special moment after posing the question ‘Where were you when …’ in our ‘Coffee Break’ section. The amount of passionate comments we received on this poll was a big surprise.

    As we read through the comments, we discovered that the television broadcasting of the event meant much more to the people than “the greatest show in the history of television” as it was publicized. Many individual memories and stories were vividly illustrated and enthusiastically expressed. One man, who lived in England at the time, wrote about the way that the lights from every window in his surrounding buildings were lit up at 3 a.m. local to watch.

    Like this comment, many more were specifically nostalgic about the excitement surrounding the television broadcasting.

    “I remember it as if it were yesterday. We watched it on our old Dumont TV! My dad, a proud Cape Bretoner, said to my brother and I... ‘Sit down boys and watch carefully, you're about to see the first Scotsman set foot on the Moon!’” It was clear that not only was it a day of great achievements for the scientists, but also a day that heroes and dreams were born for every human.

    “I was in a motel room in Alberta during a 'hitch-hike Canada west from Toronto' age 19. Only night I stayed inside, otherwise camped under the stars. That night I saw 'the stars' on TV.” Another user writes.

    For another lucky viewer, this historic feat was a gift! “The Apollo 11 Moon landing was on my 9th birthday. I was glued to the TV watching it with my family. Best birthday present ever!”

    We received many other comments from viewers ranging from 5 months old to their 20s at the time. This was an event for all age groups to experience, “5 months old and in front of TV (according to Mom) obviously don't remember it but she knew it would be a special event”.

    Everyone recalls this historic event with an individual twist. Together the viewers were a part of history, it was the night the television took the world to the moon!

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