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June? What June? A couple weeks before summer, communities woke up to zero degrees Saturday.

Record cold June morning on the Prairies

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, June 7, 2014, 1:23 PM - We're a couple weeks shy of the official start to summer, but we won't be offended if you don't quite believe us.

Saturday morning saw temperatures hovering around zero - yes, zero - degrees, as overnight temperatures plunged to uncomfortably cold levels.

Here are the cold records that were broken this morning:

Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm says summer-like heat won't be in the cards for the region Saturday.

"We're talking below-seasonal temperatures in our major population centres on the Prairies today," he said Saturday.

The frigid temperatures prompted several frost advisories, all dropped by Saturday, but at least they weren't snowfall warnings.

THOSE were in effect in northern Manitoba and, at one point, Saskatchewan in the late week. They're dropped now, but there are still some flakes left to fall.

There's good news: Warmer temperatures are forecast to start moving through the region Saturday, culminating in a slightly above-seasonal Sunday.

But there's always a chance of thunderstorms as well, with the highest risk of storms in Alberta and Saskatchewan, moving to Manitoba and Saskatchewan Sunday.

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