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This is what 115 cm of snow looks like

Record-breaking snowfall slams Boston

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, February 15, 2015, 8:07 PM - Record-breaking snowfall has Boston residents preparing to hunker down yet again. A blizzard is slamming the region that has suffered four major storms since the beginning of the year -- making it the city's third snowiest winter on record, and snowiest February to date.

Extreme weather is old news to New Englanders. Even though it's only mid-February, the month's snowfall in Boston broke the old record, set in 2005. The new record: 115 centimetres, according to the National Weather Service. 

In spite of it all, Massachusetts public safety official Kurt Schwartz says the state is prepared. 

"We're just gonna keep on doing what we've been doing since January 25th until we dig down and can see green grass somewhere."

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Authorities say driving conditions could be dangerous and are advising residents to stay off the roads. 

The region is being hammered by heavy winds -- hurricane-force in some areas have been forecast. 

In Sunday's early hours, one reporter latched onto the hood of a car during a strong gust: 

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told reporters that several roofs had collapsed by mid-day Sunday.

"We continue to encourage people to clear out their vents and to start worrying a little bit more about roofs," he said. 

New England doesn't have an exclusive on winter weather. Forecasters are predicting sleet and freezing rain stretching from Oklahoma to Georgia Sunday night, into Monday.

Boston residents will find it hard to move around this weekend. Subway, bus, and commuter rail service has been suspended Sunday, and Flightaware.com reports nearly 1,900 flight cancellations -- many departing from Boston and New York. 

This storm was part of the same system currently slamming Atlantic Canada.

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