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Just east of Buffalo more than 190 cm of snow fell in 24 hours

Record-breaking snow covers Buffalo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 8:48 AM - After a massive lake-effect snowstorm, Buffalo is getting a brief break before a system brings more snow to area later Wednesday.

More than 160 cm of snow fell in the Buffalo vicinity yesterday— that's the most snow to ever fall in the United States in a 24-hour span. A system that will also affect southern Ontario is shifting the winds' direction which will give the American city a reprieve before bringing between five to ten centimetres. And after that? The winds will align once again for more lake effect snow to move into the area.

The snow that has fallen so far has had a devastating effect on the city. It was reported that five people are dead following the lake-effect snowstorm Tuesday.

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More than 100 cars remain trapped on a nearby highway, many of which were left behind when extreme whiteout conditions made driving impossible. A driving ban was in place for most roads in the region. A bus carrying a University women's basketball team was trapped on the road for about 30 hours before being rescued.

Some residents in the area also reported damage to their homes as the snow collapsed roofs and destroyed doors and windows.

Below are some of the images Buffalo residents were posting on social media.

Buffalo public schools (and most private schools) remain closed as are some government offices.

More than 60 flights had to be cancelled out of and into Buffalo. That's about a third of the total flights that go through the local airport.

More lake-effect snow was expected today. The National Weather Service posted two warnings for lake-effect snow for today.

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