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Real-time wind map shows intense activity around Hawaii Thursday

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Thursday, August 7, 2014, 7:37 PM - A real-time wind map showed significant activity around Hawaii Thursday.

Hurricane Iselle can clearly be seen zoning in on the state, with Hurricane Julio not far behind.

Further west, super typhoon Genevieve is churning away with sustained winds of 259 kilometres per hour. That system is not expected to make landfall.

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Hawaii is preparing to take its first direct hurricane hit in 22 years. A rare hurricane warning has been issued for the main Hawaiian Islands, the first time since Hurricane Fernanda in 1993.

Forecasters say Iselle isn't losing steam as it approaches.

It is expected to make landfall Thursday into Friday, bringing dangerous surf and dumping up to 300 mm of rain in some places.

Strong winds will accompany Iselle, elevating the risk of mud slides.

Hurricane Julio is churning in the Pacific not far behind. That storm is expected to strengthen and brush past the Big Island this weekend.

Visit the real time wind map to see the storms in real-time.

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Iselle regains strength, hurricane warnings issued for Big Island of Hawaii

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