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Commuters in the southwest and the GTA have to deal with lingering rains early Monday, as a cold front moves through.

Rainy start to the week in southern Ontario

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Monday, October 7, 2013, 8:08 AM -

A rainy start to Monday after an even rainier night in southern Ontario, after a cold front rolled in from the southwest and made its way through to the Greater Toronto Area.

The worst will shortly be over for those regions, as a cold front moves east into eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

"We have improving weather in Ontario, in terms of drying out," Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at the Weather Network, said early Monday morning.

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The overnight rains that began on Sunday were from a combination of a cold front moving in from the U.S. Midwest, joining forces with moisture from the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen, which dissipated over the weekend.

Environment Canada did issue a special weather statement on Sunday, warning of the incoming rains, but no rainfall or severe thunderstorm warnings were issued, and much of southwestern Ontario saw between 10 and 20 mm of rain.

But some locations saw much higher amounts, reaching up to the 45 mm mark, as the rain moved through.

On Sunday night, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority warned that localized amounts of up to 50 mm were possible, and urged residents to be wary around rivers and other bodies of water.

As the cold front moves east, another, smaller round of rain is expected behind it in the afternoon, although many communities will experience a partly cloudy, if gusty day in between.

Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes will feel the worst of the low as it continues to move through eastern Canada.

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