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Not as bad as previous weekends, but strong winds could make it worse. See when it starts.

Rain, winds and some snow target the east coast

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Saturday, January 25, 2014, 10:02 AM -

The east coast has got a chilly start to the day, and yet another system is making its way toward the region, getting going in the Martimes on Saturday afternoon and overnight into Newfoundland.

Newfoundland was already covered with wind warnings, with winds likely gusting up to 130 km/h in some parts of the region, ramping up overnight and reaching their peak strength from Sunday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Beginning this afternoon, a rain-snow mix is likely along many parts of the Maritimes as the system makes it's way through.

As for precipitation, however, the total amounts will not be as bad as the many weekend storms that have pounded the region in recent weeks.

Eastern Nova Scotia and southern Newfoundland will see the heaviest amounts, up to 30 mm.

Up to 15 cm of snow is also expected, mostly in the interior of New Brunswick and parts of Newfoundland.

TUNE IN: We'll be tracking this system as it moves through the region on The Weather Network on TV.

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