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Rain or shine, be prepared for outdoor concerts

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    Kasia Bodurka

    Thursday, June 13, 2013, 11:24 AM -

    Outdoor summer concert season has begun and like our motto says, when it comes to weather, plan for anything.

    In its 18 years, The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto has hosted millions of fans in it's semi enclosed structure. What attracts many are the 10, 500 seats under the open sky.

    "There's nothing better than a backdrop say in Toronto for example, than the city behind you, you're outdoors on a hot really humid night, there's nothing better than being outdoors," says Riley O'Connor, Chairman with Live Nation Canada.

    And while a lot of preparation goes into these events, the weather can throw a wrench into the plans.

    O'Connor says that one of the only times a show has had to be cancelled was a few years ago when Nickle Back played.

    "This storm, it was like a pyro-technic show, it just wouldn't move off, and it really lingered for an hour. So, we ended up having to cancel the show, just for safety reasons."

    The tents and canopies at outdoor concerts can also become a major concern because they are susceptible to lightning strikes or wind damage.

    Still, eager music fans say nothing beats an outdoor concert in the summer months.

    "I go to them all the time! Rain or shine, ponchos prepared for everything," said one concert goer we caught up with.

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