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The Monday evening commute in the GTA turned chaotic after heavy rains forced roads and subways to shut down.

Rain, flooding brings Toronto transit to a halt

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    Monday, July 8, 2013, 7:01 PM - Heavy rains wreaked havoc on the Greater Toronto Area during the Monday evening commute, stranding motorists and bringing the subway system to a halt.

    The rain moved in quick and caused the city's subway system to shut down, creating a backlog of people waiting for trains to make it home after the workday. In Mississauga, just 20 minutes outside of the city, all east/west routes were impassable, while north of the city and the Don Valley Parkway told a similar story. The DVP runs north and south through the city and in May of this year was shut down due to flooding. That day, an estimate of 60 mm of rain fell on the city overnight. The early estimates on the rainfall Monday sit at 94 mm, which would make it the fourth wettest day on record for the city.

    Shortly after the heavy rains stopped, local hydro confirmed approximately 100,000 people were without power and the estimate of when it might be restored could be Monday at midnight. City officials are advising people to stay home if they do not need to venture out Monday night as crews work to restore all outages.

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