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Come hell or high water, the show goes on

Rain and flood waters don't dampen spirits at the Stampede

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    Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 8:29 AM -

    It’s been just over two weeks since flood waters inundated much of southern Alberta and left parts of the Calgary Stampede grounds under water. 

    They said they'd do it, "come hell or high water," and with the help of thousands of volunteers, officials managed to put on the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” 

    "The city is rising up from the mud," said one proud Calgarian. "It is such a spirited community."

    Although some of the main events at the Saddledome had to be cancelled, the Stampede team was able to repair the grounds in time for opening day last Friday.

    “With what’s gone on the past few weeks, it’s nice to see that things have got back to normal and in some ways got bigger and better,” one excited Stampeder told The Weather Network.

    The rain hasn't stopped the excitement for some. (Calgary Stampede Facebook page)

    The rain hasn't stopped the excitement for some. (Calgary Stampede Facebook page)

    Although thousands of people have braved the recent rain, officials say the weather didn't help with attendance for the opening weekend. 

    As of Sunday, close to 187,000 people entered the Stampede grounds, but that's about 95,000 fewer than last year. However, organizers say it shouldn't be compared to the centennial that was celebrated last year. 

    Confidence is high that the attendance numbers will improve especially with a much nicer forecast this week

    "After the recent devastation, this hallmark event serves as a perfect opportunity for the province to trade in their work boots for cowboy boots and celebrate their hard work, strength and relentlessness," says The Weather Networks Farah Dhalla who has been reporting LIVE from the Stampede.

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